About us

Businesses are constantly challenged to maintain a cut-throat edge over competition. For them to stay aggressive, it is their workforce that helps maintain the advantage.

The Learning Curve is about kick-ass programmes & workshops with global benchmarks, which help bridge that gap between being good and exceptional personnel. It`s not what we do, but how we do it that makes a world of a difference. It`s been a real roller coaster ride, and we`ve loved every single moment of it! Our bags are packed with experience and wisdom. We are overwhelmed with the opinions of our clients which are a strong affirmation that we are truly on our path to making our vision a reality.

So, if you`re bored of the ordinary, speak to us and make The Learning Curve a refreshing part of your journey too!



The Guided Discovery Method (GDM) developed by Dr. Charles E. Wales, is characterised by convergent thinking. The instructor initiates a stimulus and the learner reacts by engaging in active inquiry thereby discovering the appropriate response.

Total Physical Response (TPR) is a language teaching method developed by Prof.James Asher. It is based on the coordination of language and physical movement. In TPR, instructors give commands to participants in the target language, and they respond with whole-body actions.

Our sessions are entirely facilitated using the principles of GDM and TPR techniques. In other words, participants are not bored to death by PowerPoint; instead they are fed with activities, role-plays, simulations, games and exercises to elicit results.

We all tend to remember something humorous, dont we? Humour is another awesome way to engage participants. Studies indicate that laughter lubricates learning. So, do we take our training lightly? Off course not!! We just make sure that things are more pleasant. This is why our trainers infuse fun into all our programmes, through activities and anecdotes. This ensures that the participants develop an instant rapport with the trainer, thus opening their minds to learning.

Another technique of acquiring information through practical encounter and active involvement is described as Interactivity. An interactive learning style is more suitable to adult learning according to researchers. With this in mind, our trainers talk time is always minimal, allowing the participants to uncover the answers for themselves. These principles justify that 10% of learning comes from classroom training, 20% from on-the-job training, and 70% experiences. At The Learning Curve, we focus on the 70%, and so, our programmes are designed with techniques that participants can take away and implement at work.

A thorough training needs analysis is conducted with our clients, much before the training programme.. We customise the content to be industry and company specific, rather than using a generic designs, so that, you are confident that your expectations are met.

Why Us

What makes The Learning Curve distinctive & unique?

Each workshop is custom designed to work with your organisations desired goals in mind. All programmes incorporate experiential learning and provide groups of all levels, opportunities to create and enhance their skills.

Setting out a simulated business like setting, our programmes carry an unusual style involving practical interactive delivery, with minimum trainer talk, thereby making our sessions valuable and allowing participants to participate actively in their learning encounter.

We use the Guided Discovery Method involving Total Physical Response, along with an assorted series of tools like spellbinding videos, group exercises & role plays, humorous and inspiring stories & anecdotes, depending on the purpose & appropriateness of the programme.

We use cutting edge theories and techniques from experiential-based learning to inject leadership into every single one of our keynote addresses. We invite the audience to join us on an adventure of learning in a fresh and challenging way.

Having been in Senior Management, our experience makes the sharing and learning process wealthier for all participants.

Capability to engage with multi cultural backgrounds & diverse hierarchy of personnel that calls for sensitivity when interacting with a mixed group, at varied levels.
Every task is stringently & wholly driven towards the purpose established with the client. We take on a rigid & rigorous 3C routine (Conversation, Consideration & Conveyance) when formulating and implementing every project.

Group of skilled, competent trainers who are experts in their own discipline and are certified by us prior to being entrusted with training assignments.


The Learning Curve is regularly involved with development of primary skills for underprivileged individuals and people belonging to faith communities and other similar institutions. Power to Lead is one such, values based leadership programme that is run annually in Mumbai.The Learning Curve provides team building and leadership workshops at their off-site live-in at Khandala.

We are also in the process of partnering with organisations I-Create & Centre for Incubation and Business Acceleration (CIBA) to encourage aspiring individuals into entrepreneurship at the grassroots level.