Offsite Events

The Learning Curve will change the way you do Off-site events. Our team building programmes are packed with over 50 activities that can be facilitated either indoors or outdoors. Apart from the fun and entertainment value that they convey, these workshops also bring out the real characteristics of participants. Through the entire programme, they are faced with a variety of tasks that test their Leadership, Problem Solving, Creativity, Physical Strength & Agility, Ingenuity and Strategic Thinking The main objective of these interventions is to enhance team spirit amongst the participants. The focus is primarily on designing a programme that challenges participants both physically and mentally. Most importantly, we ensure that they have a lot of fun! A venue away from the regular work place is usually the best place, where such off-site team building events are conducted. These programmes include a variety of indoor/outdoor activities and are designed for 8-16 hours over duration of 1 to 2 full days. We can also customize these sessions to run over a 4-5 hour period. The activities are aimed at delivering precise messages and a list of such appealing and practical messages is what we can provide to our clients. The sessions are fun-filled with realistic and entertaining management games followed by a briefing to elicit the learning. Alternatively, the activities can also be arranged without the debrief, just for amusement and enjoyment. Needless to add, these programmes are facilitated by experts and care is taken to ensure safety and precaution.

Workshops & Training

Our workshops focus on strengths-based learning to cultivate powerful results. Although we have a fixed menu of programmes that we cover, The Learning Curve creates every workshop based on your current needs. We believe that customization is not a luxury but a need that is specific to every client. Which is why, we are flexible with incorporating modules from a cross section of our structured programmes into creating a tailor-made assignment. Every programme is delivered as a distinct learning event to cater to pre-determined objectives. You need to experience it to understand the difference. Our brochure lists the wide range of topics that we cover. We also deliver some of these programmes as Open Workshops, where clients can sponsor their employees to attend. Visit the calendar to see a list of our upcoming open programmes.We are happy to also offer a pilot module of about 3 hours in order to give our potential clients a glimpse of our methodology and style. These are generally offered so that clients can try the effectiveness of a programme with a view to extending it to the entire organization in the form of a monthly calendar curriculum. These modules generally, act as a forerunner to a larger intervention. However, they also help in conveying learning, as helpful advice is also imparted through such sessions. Our communication skills programmes also offer assessment of current skill levels of the participants through video analysis. We offer this in the form of a graphical representation which is scientifically designed and based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages. The assessments are conducted independently in order to eliminate even trainer bias, thus providing the client an impartial report of the study, within 10 days of completing a programme. We also conduct online tests, pre-post the communication skills programmes, which can be linked to the Assessment Report. This not only acts as a value addition, but also helps measure the effectiveness of the communication skills programmes through Action Plans and Pre-Post Assessments of the participants. Our clients have found this to be effective and some have even linked these assessments to the annual appraisal system within their HR policy. Most programmes are also backed with free Pre-Post Read information related to the workshop, which is emailed to participants before and after the intervention.

Spoken Unbroken
Voice/Accent & Grammar
5 days
Vocal Focal
Verbal Communication
2 days
Talk the Walk
Level 2 Verbal Communication
2 days
Write Tight
Email writing
1 days
Mile of Style
Business Etiquette & Grooming
2 days
In the Saddle
First Time Manager Essentials
5 days

Keynote Sessions

The Learning Curve treats its keynotes as more than a talk. It is an interactive dialogue. It is potent. It is entertaining. More than anything, it is an opportunity for the audience to become engaged in the material they are learning and to make it applicable to their own lives. Whether it is a corporate event, seminar, dealer meet, reward & recognition ceremony, product launch or any similar gathering, our keynotes set the right tone and create the accurate atmosphere.A pre-determined objective is agreed upon with the client and the keynote session is devised in a way that it inspires participants to meet those goals and increase their commitment levels after the event. Our keynotes are delivered by prominent professionals with extensive expertise, using a series of tools like stirring stories, spellbinding videos, animated talks and even a customised anthem. They generate interest, passion and participation, providing the right stimulus for delegates, irrespective of what the event is. We also often include entertaining management games linked to the objective, thus providing a beneficial blend of fun while conveying the momentous message.These techniques are known to create long term recall of the set objectives over an extended period of time.