The Learning Curve is constantly looking out for competent resources to meet the growing needs of our customers. Potential candidates must possess strong communication skills and we make no concessions on this matter. We are looking for people with outstanding interpersonal skills with an aptitude to develop content and deliver our kind of programmes. We are also open to appointing beginner level support trainers to assist senior faculty for off-site team building events and longer duration programmes. You must be willing to travel across the country, should be youthful, energetic and corporate presentable, and have the makings for future growth. Should you meet the criteria, you will need to be endorsed by us before being assigned to deliver a programme. We are committed to creating a pool of resources that are crazy about delivering top-notch training programmes of global quality. People, who are experienced in the area of business development with a wide sphere of associates in the corporate domain, are also invited to collaborate with us and share the spoils. If you like what you read about our approach to training & development, and are looking out for opportunities in this field, write to us at Tell us in about 100 words, why we should meet you.